Locally Grown Mushrooms

Photograpy by Julie Murphy 2016
Photograpy by Julie Murphy 2016

"Shiitake mushrooms have many Medicinal & Health benefits."

Photograpy by Julie Murphy 2016

- Wisdom of Confucius

Mushroom Logs vs Sawdust?
The fast way is by inoculating fake “logs” made out of sawdust and grains (called blocks) and incubating them for a few months in a controlled, indoor environment. The good way

is buy using natural hard wood logs.

Mushroom Facts

Shiitake Mushroom Cultivation
Shiitake (she-TAH-kee) mushrooms may be a new item in many American markets, but they have been a staple of the oriental diet for centuries. Shiitakes are the second most-consumed mushrooms in the world.

Article Written by: Clay Olson at the Taylor County Extension Office.University of Florida - IFAS Extension Mushroom Infomation